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To find out more about a research topic, please click the link associated with that topic. You may also get in touch with the contact, if available, if you have any additional questions. The academic unit is the one under which research regarding that topic is being carried out.

To apply to a program, please see this page.

Topic Academic Unit Contact
Adaptive Behavior Informatics Filippo Menczer
Agent-Based Modeling Informatics Filippo Menczer
Artificial Life   Larry Yaeger
Automatic Protein Function Annotation    
Biochemical Kinetics of Enzyme Reactions Informatics Santiago Schnell
Cardiovascular & Limb Development    
Cell-Cell Communication    
Cytoskeletal Biology    
Evolution of Genomic & Phenotypic Complexity    
Gene Expression Analysis    
Information Visualization SLIS Katy Börner
Microbial Biofilms    
Pattern Formation in Early Development Informatics Santiago Schnell
Regenerative Medicine    
Reverse Engineering of
Biochemical Pathways & Networks
Informatics Santiago Schnell
Alessandro Vespignani
Structure & Regulation in Biological Networks Informatics Santiago Schnell
Alessandro Vespignani
Text Mining in the Biomedical Literature    
Virus-Based Sensors