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Calendar Information

The Biocomplexity Institute uses a file format called the 'iCalendar Format', or 'ICS' to allow people to get up-to-date event calendars. There are two options for getting our calendars: by subscription or download. Please note that the instructions below are provided for 'as-is' and for informational purposes only. The actual steps may vary between different versions of software.


If you subscribe to a calendar, your software program will automatically retrieve the most recent calendar from our server. You can configure your program to update the calendar automatically on a regular basis or update it yourself whenever you like. This is the easiest method for accessing our calendars, since you can update them with a click.

To subscribe to a calendar with iCal, simply click the 'Subscribe' link.

Mozilla Sunbird/Calendar
To subscribe to a calendar with Mozilla Sunbird or Mozilla Calendar:

  1. Right click the 'Download' link and select 'Copy Shortcut' (Internet Explorer) or 'Copy Link Location' (Mozilla/Firefox).
  2. Open Mozilla Sunbird/Calendar, and go to File > Subscribe to Remote Calendar...
  3. For 'Calendar Name', pick whatever name you wish to call this calendar by. For 'Remote Server URL', copy the URL that you copied in step 1. You may also pick a color that you want entries from this calendar to show up as.
  4. Click 'OK'.

Microsoft Outlook 2003
There is a plug-in available for Microsoft Outlook 2003 called 'Remote Calendars' that will allow you to subscribe to iCalendar calendars. For more information about this software, please see here.


If you download a calendar, you can get the calendar that is current as of the time when you downloaded it. If you want to update the calendar, you will have to download the calendar file again and re-import it into your program.

Outlook 2000 (or newer)
To import an ICS calendar into Outlook:

  1. Click the 'Download' link. When asked whether to open or save the file, choose to save the file.
  2. Open Outlook and go to File > Import and Export...
  3. Select 'Import an iCalendar or vCalendar (.vcs) File'
  4. Follow the instructions and select the ICS file that you downloaded when prompted.
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