The Biocomplexity Institute, Indiana University
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Staff & Researchers

  • Dragos Amarie
    Research Associate
    damarie [at] indiana (dot) edu
  • Talia Anderson
    Assistant Director
    Simon Hall 047
    tander [at] indiana (dot) edu
  • Sherry G Clendenon
    Research Scientist
    sgclende [at] indiana (dot) edu
  • John Scott Gens
    Research Associate
    jgens [at] iupui (dot) edu
  • James Glazier
    Professor, Physics
    Indiana University
    glazier [at] indiana (dot) edu
  • Andrew Lumsdaine
    Associate Director
    Professor, School of Informatics and Computing
    lums [at] osl (dot) iu (dot) edu
  • Jennifer Richards
    Grant Consultant
    jr49 [at] indiana (dot) edu
  • James P Sluka
    Research Scientist
    Simon Hall 043E
    jsluka [at] indiana (dot) edu
  • Maciej Swat
    Associate Scientist
    Simon Hall 043D
    mswat [at] indiana (dot) edu


  • Alin Cosmanescu
    Research Associate
    acosmane [at] indiana (dot) edu
  • Randy Heiland
    Research Scientist
    Simon Hall 047
    heiland [at] indiana (dot) edu
  • Dimitrij (Mitja) Hmeljak
    Research Associate
    Simon Hall 043D
    mitja [at] indiana (dot) edu
  • Srividhya Jeyaraman
    Research Associate
    Simon Hall 047
    sjeyaram [at] indiana (dot) edu
  • Abbas Shirinifard
    Research Associate
    Simon Hall 047
    Multidisciplinary Science Building 1
    212 S Hawthorne Drive
    Bloomington IN 47405
    ashirini [at] indiana (dot) edu
  • Benjamin Zaitlen
    CompuCell3D Developer
    Simon Hall 047
    bzaitlen [at] indiana (dot) edu
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