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Indiana University Informatics - Postdoctoral
Complex Systems

The School of Informatics at Indiana University in Bloomington seeks a tenure-track appointment at any level in the area of Complex Systems. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in any relevant field such as Computational, Systems, Cognitive, Physical, Mathematical, Economic, and Information Sciences; research interests in Complex Systems; and a well-established record or demonstrable potential for excellence in research and teaching. For more information, please use this file [TXT].

Arizona State University - Postdoctoral Research Position
Computational Biology/Physics

The group of Professor Timothy Newman has an opening for a post-doctoral research associate funded by the Human Frontier Science Program. The successful applicant will join our efforts in computational modeling of developmental systems, in particular large-scale coherent cell movements during early embryogenesis. Applicants must have a PhD in the physical or life sciences. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a strong interest in developmental biology, strong quantitative skills, and expertise in large-scale computations. Funding for this position is held collaboratively with the laboratory of Prof. Cornelis Weijer at the University of Dundee Biocentre. There will be opportunities for the successful applicant to spend several weeks each year in the Weijer laboratory. Visit the Newman Group online for more details on our research ( website ).

The position can begin as early as fall 2008. Although the initial appointment will be for one year, an extension to a second or third year may be made by mutual agreement and based on availability of funds.

Applications can be submitted online at employment website . Please upload separate PDF files for the cover letter, CV, statement of research experience (including a section on experience with computation), and contact details of three references. Review of applications will continue every two weeks until the successful applicant has been recruited.

Arizona State University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer, committed to excellence through diversity.

University of Amsterdam - 2 PhD Positions
Biomineralization: understanding of basic mechanisms for the design of novel strategies in nanobiotechnology (BIOMINTEC)

Within the Marie Curie Initial Training Network "Biomineralization: understanding of basic mechanisms for the design of novel strategies in nanobiotechnology (BIOMINTEC)'' there are currently a number of PhD positions available. The duration of each PhD position is 36 months. Being part of a mobility program, PhD candidates will perform their work in two of the partner institutions (18 months each, in two different countries) which can not be the home country of the candidate. The University of Amsterdam (The Informatics Institute) is one of the partners in the BIOMINTEC project and involved in 2 PhD positions. The first PhD (ESR2) will work on sponges and the title of the project is: ``Fractal mechanism of silicatein self-assembly and biosilicification (Experimental studies and Modelling studies''. The second PhD (ESR8) will work on calcification, e.g., in scleractinian corals and molluscs, the title of this project is ``Biocalcification: Characterization of crystal-shaping proteins of the molluscan shell and modelling gene regulation''. Candidates should have a master's degree (or equivalent) in scientific computing or computational science, (computational) physics, chemistry, molecular biology or a comparable expertise.

More information on each position available at: ESR2 (vacancy number 08-1057) and ESR8 (vacancy number 08-1058) .

VIB/Ghent University - Research Assistant / Ph.D. Student
Computational modeling of auxin dynamics during lateral root initiation

For more information about this job opening, please see this file [PDF].

Department of Plant Systems Biology at VIB/Ghent University
Computational Systems Biology & Plant Comparative Genomics

The Research Group Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics of the Department of Plant Systems Biology at VIB/Ghent University is looking for exceptional candidates to fill 5 open positions (PhD & postdoctoral). The Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics group is a young and dynamic research group of about 25 people headed by Prof. Yves Van de Peer, carrying out research on the structure and evolution of genes, gene families, genomes and genetic networks. The Department of Plant Systems Biology belongs to the Flanders Interuniversity Institute or Biotechnology (VIB) and Ghent University, and is located in Ghent (Flanders, Belgium), a beautiful and welcoming city of 230,000 inhabitants, with a large student population and a dynamic cultural scene. Current projects with open positions include:

Computational systems biology: modeling and analysis of biological networks. This research is part of a newly founded interdisciplinary research initiative on top down systems biology, involving partners at 3 Flemish universities. The ideal candidate will have a background in bioinformatics with a preference for algorithms and statistics, or a background in mathematics, physics, engineering or computer science with a strong interest in biological applications, and have sufficient programming experience in Matlab, Java, C++ or similar languages.

Plant comparative genomics: analysis of sequence and expression data from different species. This research is part of ongoing research activities studying the architecture and evolution of transcriptional control in plants. The ideal candidate will have a background in bioinformatics with a strong interest in biology/evolution and preferably a background in statistics and algorithms, and have sufficient programming experience in Perl/C++, Matlab or similar languages.

For more details and information about applying, please consult this job flyer [PDF].

University of Porto - Two Postdoctoral Postions
Bioinformatics/Biomathematics, within the area of Signal Processing and Data Analysis

For more information about this job opening, please see this file [PDF].

University of Minnesota - Postdoctoral Postion

Funding is available for a Postdoctoral Associate/Research Associate position in the School of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, beginning as early as Feb 1, 2008. The position involves mathematical modeling and analysis of pattern formation in developmental biology, or modeling and analysis of cell and tissue movement. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in Mathematics, Science or Engineering and have experience in mathematical modeling in biology, biophysics or medicine. The degree is required by the beginning date of appointment. Knowledge of Fortran or C/C++ is also required.

For more information about this job opening, please see this file [PDF].

University of Minnesota - Tenure track postion

The department also has Dunham-Jackson Instructorships, and tenure-track positions in Scientific Computing, in Probability, and one associated with the IMA.

NECSI - Postdoctoral Postions
Study of complex global and large-scale social systems

The New England Complex Systems Institute is looking for a few outstanding postdocs to join our research team both now and in the fall.

For more information about this job opening, please see this file [PDF]. Additionally, you can visit

UVM - Tenure-Track Faculty Position

The School of Engineering at the University of Vermont is searching for a new Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor in support of a PhD track in Integractive Bioengineering & Computational Biology.

For more information about this job opening, please consult the job flyer [PDF].

BELSPO - Postdoctoral Postion

Growth and development of higher plants and Bioinformatics and modeling: from genomes to networks.

For more information about this job opening, please see this file [PDF].


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