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IU-Related Links

Infovis Lab Open House
This site contains information about the 2003 Information Visualization Lab Open House, including such topics as ‘Knowledge Domain Analysis, Visualization & Modeling’, ‘Analysis and Visualization of Diffusion Patterns’, and ‘InfoVis CyberInfrastructure’.
IUPS Physiome Project
“The Physiome Project is a worldwide public domain effort to provide a computational framework for understanding human and other eukaryotic physiology. It aims to develop integrative models at all levels of biological organisation, from genes to the whole organism via gene regulatory networks, protein pathways, integrative cell function, and tissue and whole organ structure/function relations.”

Other Links

Berkeley BioSpice
“...Berkeley BioSpice, [is] a collaboration of biologists, engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, and software developers working together to develop a tool kit of open source software tools to represent and simulate cellular processes. Our research includes development of high-end simulation kernels that represent cell dynamics as 3D fluid-mechanical systems, experimental studies of bacterial processes such as sporulation and chemotaxis, and development of data models for knowledge representation. [...]”
Bio Crossroads—Central Indiana Life Science Network
“BioCrossroads works to attract and create jobs, companies and entrepreneurial opportunities in our life sciences industry, using world-class research capabilities to make Central Indiana a center of innovation in the business of enhancing health.”
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