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Research Funding
NIGMS Funding Opportunities: Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
“[A]nnouncements regarding NIGMS-supported funding opportunities.”

Research Resources
Developmental Psychology
“This ‘community’ web site is by and for developmental physiologists and developmental physiology students studying the ontogeny of physiological processes at the molecular through organismal levels.”
CSN—‘Complex Systems+Networks’
“We are a self-organized network of people spanning various units at IUB, interested in the broad areas of complex systems, network science, modeling, simulation, artificial life, and visualization.”
Digital Morphology at the University of Texas
“The Digital Morphology library is a dynamic archive of information on digital morphology and high-resolution X-ray computed tomography of biological specimens. Browse through the site and see spectacular imagery and animations and details on the morphology of many representatives of the Earth's biota.”
Dynamical Systems
“DSWeb provides up-to-date information on dynamical systems and its applications. It promotes the discipline of dynamical systems and fosters communication among all those interested in the field. You will find material on DSWeb and its links that range from highly technical to tutorial material written for students to intriguing pictures. Please enjoy what you find and contribute to making DSWeb even better!”
Integration of Development and Physiology: Mechanisms Shaping Animal Phenotypes
Program Announcements & Information @ NSF.
Journal of the Society Royal Society - Interface - Focus on systems biology
“As a service to our readers we are highlighting a number of articles concerned with systems biology - the analysis of biological complexity and how the elements of a biological system behave, function and relate.”
NaN—‘Networks & Agents Networks’
“NaN is a loose network of people, mostly at IUB, who are interested in complex systems, adaptive agents, modeling, simulation, artificial life, and complex (information, biological, and social) networks. While the NaN topology has not been analyzed in depth yet, one hub is Filippo Menczer, who interacts with a number of NaN nodes as advisor or collaborator. To route messages through NaN you can subscribe to the NaN-list.”
The National Resource for Cell Analysis and Modeling
“NRCAM is developing methods for modeling cell physiological processes in the context of the actual three dimensional structure of individual cells. Approaches in computational cell biology are coupled with high resolution light microscopy to facilitate the interplay between experimental manipulation and computational simulation of specific cellular processes. NRCAM has developed a general computational tool, the Virtual Cell for modeling cell biological processes. This new technology associates biochemical and electrophysiological data describing individual reactions with experimental microscopic image data describing their subcellular locations. A transparent mathematics framework develops numerical simulations, and results can be analyzed as images.”
Physics of Life [Elsevier]
“This Website contains articles that have been published in 22 contributing journals from Elsevier Science, covering Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine. Each of these journals has its own original scientific orientation, and in combination covers a number of subject areas within biological physics research.”
Quantitative Biology
A repository of quantitative biology papers.
Virtual Journal of Biological Physics
This semi-monthly virtual journal contains articles that have appeared in one of the participating source journals and that fall within a number of contemporary topical areas in biological physics research. The articles are primarily those that have been published in the previous month; however, at the discretion of the editors older articles may also appear, particularly review articles. Links to other useful Web resources on biological physics are also provided.
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