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Related Workshops and Conferences

APS March Meeting [March 5-9, 2007]
American Physical Society March 2007 Meeting. Denver, CO.
DIMACS Workshops

Past Conferences
ABModSim 2006 [April 18-21, 2006]
International Symposium on Agent Based Modeling and Simulation. Vienna.
Artificial Life X Conference [June 3-7, 2006]
Bloomington, IN. The Artificial Life X conference marks two decades of the birth of this enterprise, a period marked by vast advances in the life sciences. The conference will showcase the best current work in all areas of research in Artificial Life, while highlighting its achievements and challenges, especially in an age of unparalleled computational power and access to data about various biological processes.
ICAM Workshop on Multiscale Interactions and Dynamics in Biological Systems [May 27-29, 2006]
St. Louis, MO. “The workshop will focus on specific complex problems in biology that demand the development of new ideas in theoretical and computational sciences. The topic entitled Multiscale Interactions and Dynamics in Biological Systems covers a diverse set of questions pertaining to interactions and dynamics involving multi-molecular and cellular complexes in biological systems.”
IPAM 2006 [March 13-June 16, 2006]
“This program is aimed at providing an environment for researchers to explore new applications of mathematics in a variety of the bioengineering fields. Our hope is that modern mathematical techniques and ideas can be brought to bear on fundamental problems in bioengineering and biomaterials research, much as they have impacted materials science and engineering. Specifically, the Long Program will offer an opportunity for participants to: learn about various sub-disciplines of bioengineering; gain perspective by engaging in extended discussions with mathematicians, physical scientists, physicians, life scientists, and engineers; and develop new collaborations. To achieve these objectives, the Bioengineering Long Program will feature tutorials, workshops, social activities, and a culminating workshop at Lake Arrowhead.”
NetSci 2006 [May 2006]
International Conference and Workshop on Network Science.
Conference May 16-20, Workshop May 22-25. Bloomington, IN.
The International Workshop/School and Conference on Network Science will bring together leading researchers and practitioners in network science - analysts, modeling experts, and visualization specialists with graduate students from many different research areas for interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.
The primary objective of the Workshop/School and Conference is to facilitate interactions between social and behavioral scientists and the many other disciplines interested in and utilizing network science.
Systems Biology: Integrating Biology, Technology and Computation [March 5-10, 2006]
Sagebrush Inn and Conference Center, Taos, New Mexico
Workshop on Patterns—Colorado State University

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