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News - Spring 2008
Conferences & Workshops - Systems Biology
May 20-30 2008

Systems Biology Dynamics: from Genes to Organisms Summer School

News - Fall 2007

Conferences & Workshops - Artificial Life
Conference: ECAL 2007: 9th European Conference on Artificial Life. 10-14 September 2007 at Lisbon, Portugal.

News - Summer 2007
Conferences & Workshops - Cellular Process

q-Bio Conference on Cellular Information Processing. 8-11 August 2007 in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Academic - Summer School
August 13-17 2007

CompuCell3D Workshop August 13-17, 2007 More Details

Academic - Summer School
July 11-22 2007

NECSI Summer School, 11-22 July 2007 at MIT, Cambridge, MA. For more details, please see the NECSI website.

Research - Featured Article
8 February

Santiago Schnell, Ramon Grima, and Philip K Maini's article, "Multiscale Modeling in Biology", is featured in the March-April issue of American Scientist. For more, read the press release.

News - Spring 2007
Research - Featured Article
8 February

Santiago Schnell, Ramon Grima, and Philip K Maini's article, "Multiscale Modeling in Biology", is featured in the March-April issue of American Scientist. For more, read the press release.

Conferences & Workshops - APS March Meeting 2007
5 February

APS March Meeting 2007 - March 5-9, 2007. More details are available here.

Academic - VIB - International Biology PhD Program
4 February

The Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) is launching a new call for applications to its International Ph.D. Program. Funding is available. For more, please see their flyer [PDF].

Conferences & Workshops - ISMB/ECCB 2007
4 February

ISMB/ECCB 2007 in Vienna, 21-25 July 2007. More details on their website.

Research - Cognitive Science Resesarch Opportunity
8 January

Visiting Undergrad Research in Cognitive Science: upper-level undergrads can apply for an opportunity to collaborate on research with faculty in the cognitive science. Applications and more information are available here.

Academic - Santa Fe Institute 2007 Summer School
8 January

Applications for the Sante Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer 2007 School in Santa Fe and Beijing are now available.

Conferences & Workshops - Grand Challenges in Neural Computation
8 January

Grand Challenges in Neural Computation, February 18-21, 2007 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A conference poster (JPEG) is available here.

News - Fall 2006
Research - John Beggs - Science Diary Project
13 November

John Beggs on his Science Diary: Jim Metzner from Pulse of the Planet invited me and my lab members to keep an audio diary of our research activities over the summer of 2006. The idea behind these "science diaries" is to give the public a glimpse as to what goes on in the lives of scientists. Because these entries were being broadcast on National Public Radio, they were naturally delivered at a popular level, with a minimum of scientific jargon. My students and I tried to get across the main ideas of what we were doing, hopefully with some enthusiasm and without too much distortion. You'll have to judge if we succeeded! We had a lot of fun with this and the entries captured a good cross section of what we typically do: listening in on networks of neurons, making computational models, discussing the current literature, and harvesting human brain tissue for recording. We think it is important for the public to be informed about science, and we are grateful to Jim Metzner and the National Science Foundation for giving us the chance to do this.
View the blog »

News - Summer 2006
Research - Multiscale Modeling
15 May

A recent article in the Biomedical Computing Review gives an overview about multiscale modeling. Article available here (PDF).

News - Spring 2006
Conferences & Workshops - Biocomplexity 9
25 April

Public lecture announced; details here. Also, five spots for auditors are available for this year's biocomplexity meeting For details, see here.

Conferences & Workshops - ICAM
4 April

ICAM Workshop on Multiscale Interactions and Dynamics in Biological Systems, May 27-29, 2006 at Washington University in St. Louis.

Research - Biocomplexity Institute Research
2 April

Roeland Merks (a former postdoc for the Institute) and Institute Director James A Glazier's work on angiogenesis was featured as the cover illustration in the January 2006 issue of Nonlinearity. The paper and its abstract are available here.

Conferences & Workshops - ALife X
1 April

ALife X Conference(Artificial Life X Conference) 3-7 June, 2006 in Bloomington, IN. Read more here, or see the program here.

Jobs - Postdoctoral positions
28 March

The Biocomplexity Institute and the Department of Chemistry at Indiana University have announced a search for a postdoc. More details are available here.

In addition, the School of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota have an opening for a postdoc in mathematical modeling and developmental biology. More information is available here.

Academic - Summer School in Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
8 March

Summer School of the the EU-Marie-Curie network "Modeling, Mathematical Methods and Computer Simulation of Tumour Growth and Therapy", 15-19 July 2006. Orthodox Academy of Crete, Kolymbari, Crete. More information will be available soon; the academy's website is here.

Conferences & Workshops - Euroconference in Mathematics
8 March

Euroconference in Mathematics: Which Mathematics for Biology?, 9-15 July 2006 in Anogia, Crete. Website here.

Jobs - Biological Modeling @ NIH
3 February

The National Institutes of Health have announced an opening for a tenure-track/tenured position in their Laboratory for Biological Modeling. Details available here.

Conferences & Workshops - Complex Systems
3 February

International Conference on Complex Systems 2006, 25-30 June 2006 in Boston, MA. Abstract submission deadline 12 March. ICCS 2006 Website

Conferences & Workshops - Network Science
30 January

NetSci 2006 - Network Science Workshop and Conference, 16-20 May and 22-25 May 2006 (respectively) at Bloomington, IN. Early registration ends 21 April. For more information, please see the website.

Jobs - Chair in Systems Biology
30 January

Imperial College London announce an opening for Chair in Systems Biology. Details.

Conferences & Workshops - Systems Biology
5 January

Symposium: “Systems Biology: Integrating Biology, Technology and Computation”. 5-10 March 2006 in Taos, New Mexico. More details available here.

Academic - Courses
3 January

Still need a spring 2006 course? See biocomplexity-related courses here.

News - Fall 2005
Academic - Courses
21 November

Still need a spring 2006 course? See biocomplexity-related courses here.

Conferences & Workshops - Agent-based Modeling & Simulation
17 November

Symposium: ABModSim 2006 - International Symposium on Agent Based Modeling and Simulation. 18-21 April 2006, in Vienna. See the site for more.

Conferences & Workshops - Biocomplexity 6 Publication
24 October

Proceedings from Biocomplexity 6 conference have been published in Biofilms and are now available.

Jobs - Indiana University - Faculty
21 October

Two tenure-track faculty positions are now available.

Conferences & Workshops - IPAM 2006
14 October

The Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics announce their 2006 conference at UCLA, a series of workshops from 13 March - 16 June 2006. More details at the IPAM 2006 website.

Research - Memory Avalanches
26 January

A group of researchers, of which Biocomplexity Institute researcher John Beggs was a part, have discovered that brain “avalanches” may improve memory. [IU Press Release] The paper is available here.

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